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I think the description says it all. My boy goes crazy for the bully sticks. He’s a little puppy so his attention span generally doesn’t last too long but once he’s got his teeth into one of these sticks, it’s like nothing else exists in this world!! Great treat for calming a hyper puppy with the zoomies!

– Kennedy

The nose knows! When you first open the Wyldlife Pets Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons be prepared, because they don’t smell like the pressed hide treats you buy at most outlets, these are the real deal beef bones and tendons. We all know a dog’s nose is a zillion times more sensitive than ours (ok I exaggerate, but you know what I mean!) and my two rescue are big girls, 35 and 45 lbs, and they wanted to take the Amazon box out of my hands before I even opened it! I seriously had to go into another room to open the package. Be prepared for the smell, it is a little bit like old lard or lanolin, which is how it should be, since these are natural products.

Oh and how they did love these! My biggest dog loved the Sticks best, the smaller dog enjoyed the tendons, which was nice, since it comes with 3 of each. I did have to keep these locked away however, in the laundry room, on the highest shelf, to keep them away from getting their own treats!

I was really impressed with the quality and the feedback from the manufacturer, they are super nice and ready to answer any question and give you tips and advice.

Since these are natural products it really kept my dogs busy. As a rule my girl in the picture below can go through a leather hide so fast, but they both seemed so happy with these, it kept their attention and the sticks especially take a long time to eat.

The price point may seem a bit high on these, if you are used to purchasing the pressed hide products, but I feel that as a treat these are priced right, you are getting the unprocessed byproduct of the beef industry, have you bought soup bones lately? They aren’t cheap, so I think you are getting a value on these considering comparative products.

I was sent these free for testing, that doesn’t affect my opinion, happy dogs make for happy owners! I will be purchasing these in the future, and I’ll make sure I get to the box before they do!


I ordered these wildlife sticks and tenders for my many fur babies. These turned out to be a winner in our house and my sons house. The sticks are a great size and seem to last for a while. The Tendons are a larger size and really to big for my small fur babies. I would say they are for larger dogs. Mine didn’t seem to know what to do with them because of their size. I will warn you that they do have an aroma and my grandson was not to happy about our little one trying to bury one of these in his pillows. Overall I would recommend these for larger dogs or if you have both that would work too. I will have to say I do prefer these over rawhide as they tend to upset the dogs tummy and get really nasty when they are chewing them. These don’t do that at all and they last longer. I did give the larger tendons to my son for his bulldog and when I got the report back he said his dog loves them and he would be ordering more. So I would definitely order these again as they turned out to be a hit all around.

– K.C.

The first thing I noticed about this product was its quality. It’s made a step above the rest. The tendons/bones looked to be meaty and ..the only other word I can think of for them..succulent (LOL.) If I were a dog, I’d go nuts over just the look of them. The bully sticks were also well made and a huge hit! These will be in my cart again! I like that they’re all-beef..when many other treats use a grain or corn filler, it’s nice to see a product that’s looking out for our pets’ best interest rather than “how cheap can we make these.” You can really tell a difference, and so can they. Just check the video to see their reaction!

– S.T.

Ordered for my 2 Akitas. One of my dogs has Inflammatory Bowel Disease (super sensitive to EVERYTHING). Both dogs loved these treats, and I’m super happy to say that my sensitive dog had no issues with either the bully sticks or the tendons which is EXTREMELY rare as she tends to not be able to hold down anything but her stupid expensive dog food. The bully sticks lasted quite a bit longer, took them about 45 min to get through them while the tendons only took about 10 minutes, though keep in mind they are pretty big dogs so I can see these lasting a lot longer with smaller/less chewy breeds. The only down side to these is they are stinky, kind of on the same level as the pig ears you can buy, but hey, they make them happy, and it’s pretty rare to find a good, natural treat that isn’t stinky. Either way, I’m quite satisfied (and so are the fur babies!) #wyldlifepets

– Anonymous

The dogs just absolutely loved the treats! I recommend this US based company. One of the Co-Founders sent me an email personally to tell me that they had shipped the product and would be checking back to get my thoughts on the product, which is in my opinion is an excellent product, not some cheap made product made in some other country, this is a made in the USA product and it’s worth every penny!!!

– B.P.

Arrived quickly. I like this brand and so do my two dogs .Dogs are crazy about them. The bully sticks and tendons are both long lasting treats. As described at around 6″ long. Keeps both dogs happy and busy for quite some time. Like that they are made in the USA. I won’t buy treats from foreign countries not knowing what additives they might contain. I thought price was reasonable. 5 woofs from my dogs/5 stars from me !

– Angus

I like that these can be consumed by all 3 of our dogs, who vary greatly in size. We have a shepherd mix, basset hound and chihuahua and they all grabbed their treat and ran off to chew it in peace. There wasn’t a strong odor like many others we have purchased and I like that these are healthier for our fur babies. Four paws up!


My german shepherd loves these, they take her several hours to eat unlike others that she can eat in about 20 minutes. the tendons, she eats rather quickly. I prefer all bully sticks but the tendons are more of a treat for her.

– S. B.

A little back ground, I own a 2 year old yellow lab and am always looking our for his health, especially with ingredients inside food and treats. When I received the item, which was well packaged and sealed in a bag, inside another scalable bag, inside the shipping envelope. I read some reviews and alot of people commented on the smell of these treats, but it did not bother me one bit. They arent strong, they smell like alot of other high protien healthy treats. The lack of chemicals and preservatives are a huge plus for me, and the only ingredient on the bag is BEEF. The size of the sticks I received are about 6 inches in length and the tendons are 4-5 inches. Both are pretty hard in texture. My lab seemed to like them. He is a pretty fast eater so he had the tendon or stick gone in 10 minutes. I expexted a tad longer as reading other reviews it seems others have had longer experiences with the treats for their pets. Still 10 minutes for an aggressive chewer is quite impressive. Afterwards he didn’t have any complications with digesting or passing the treats. He also had no gas or vomiting. I check for these things since some treats I have purchased before, claiming to be healthy and good for dogs, have given him an upset stomach or bad gas. The seller of the item, WyldLife Pets was excellent. I was contacted 3 times to ensure I received my order as they could not find the shipment. I was also contacted to make sure there was no issues and if I had any they would fix it. That’s always great to look for in a company.

Bottom line. My Lab loved these treats. They didn’t last as long as I expected but 10 minutes for a very aggressive chewer is impressive to me none the less. The smell did not bother me, but may bother some as it isn’t odorless, I’m used to it. They are a pretty good size for an all natural treat with only BEEF as an ingredient on the package. Personally I feel as the price may be set a little high for what you get, but that’s the price of all natural treats that are actually good for you dogs. I could find no negatives or cons. I would recommend these treats in a second.

– A. R.

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